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Davmar Air Compressors Reciprocating and Rotary Screw Compressors
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- Rotary Screws
- Reciprocating
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Rotary Screw Compressors Offered by Davmar Air Compressors
Ingersoll-RandSaylor-BeallGrimmerSchmidt Compressors

FS Curtis

  • SE Series

  •  -Available in 5-50 HP

-Super quite (62-75 dB)

-New eCool® Technology

- eCool® benefits; 

*Higher reliability, longer component life from less thermal stress.

*Lower operating cost, more efficient due to lower internal compressor temperatures.









  • AF Series-Variable speed compressors

-Available in 25-200 HP

-Automatic Flow matches your air demand, reducing power consumption up to 40%.

-Soft start and stop help reduce energy consumption and reduces wear and tear on compressors.

-Touch screen controls

-Real time operational data display











Ingersoll-Rand - UP-Series 5-15 HP - The high efficiency compressor room without the need for an actual room.

  • Ultimate Reliability- Maximum Uptime 
    - 70% Fewer Connections 
  • Ultimate Efficiency 
    - More Air For Your Money
    - Smart, Energy Efficient Controls
  • Ultimate Flexibility
    - Compact Footprint Design
    - Installation Close To Point-of-use
  • Ultimate Productivity
    - Closely Maintained Pressure
  • Innovation
    - High Efficiency Integrated Compression Module
  • Dry & Clean Compressed Air - The right air quality to do the job. All Total Air System packages come fully equipped with an integral, energy saving air treatment center including high performance air dryer and filtration pack to remove water, oil and particles from the air stream. All components are perfectly matched to deliver the right air quality to increase air powered tool and system equipment life.
  • High Efficiency Components - Setting the standard in system design. The UP Series Total Air System incorporates only the highest quality components to ensure that both system efficiency and productivity are maximized. A high efficiency compressor room without the hassle, complexity and costs of the traditional compressor room. Total Air System packages come fully equipped with...
    • High Efficiency Rotary Screw Air Compressor.
    • Energy Saving, Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer.
    • High Efficiency Coalescing Filter.
    • High Efficiency Particulate Filter.
    • Integral Air Receiver Storage Tank.
    • Integrated Compressor and Dryer Controls.
    • Low Pressure Drop Piping.
    • High Efficiency Moisture Separator.
    • Whisper Quiet, Low Sound Operation.

Rotary Screw Compressors Davmar Air Compressors
  • Available 15-100 HP.
  • Oil flooded rotary screw air end is designed for 100% duty cycle.
  • Spin on oil filter makes service easy.
  • Direct drive, C-face in sizes 15 to 50 horsepower.
  • Radiator type air cooled oil after cooler removes heat from discharge air and compressor oil.
  • Oil separator tank with replacement element removes oil from compressed air and recycles into the compressor.
  • Compressor control includes full voltage magnetic starter with circuit breaker. Solenoid style, unload control, full inlet modulation and timed unload control reduce costs of operation. Instrumentation includes air pressure gauge, oil temperature gauge and hour meter. All units are equipped with breakers and 110 volt control transformer.


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