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Compressed Air Filters Offered by Davmar Air Compressors

BelAir Filters - Why filter air? Compressed air is a valuable source of power. It is safe, flexible and used in all areas of industry. Like any other energy source it benefits from being clean and free from impurities. Pollutants often seen in compressed air are:
  • Lubricating oil carry over from air compressors.
  • Atmospheric corrosive gases inhaled by the air compressor.
  • Aerosols and vapors.
  • Solid particles and rust from receiver and system piping.
  • Solid particles drawn in from ambient air into the air compressor.
Often the effect of high temperatures and pressures will concentrate these contaminants, forming acidic condensate. This condensate will cause corrosion and problems for pneumatic equipment and quality problems for example, paint spraying. The oil carried over from the air compressor is not usually suitable for lubricating downstream equipment and must be removed.

Air Compressor Filters Davmar Air Compressors
  • FT Series Filters 30-1500 scfm
    Filter Elements:
    • Stainless Steel inner and outer supports for maximum element strength.
    • Large surface area and in-depth bed filtration for high efficiency and low pressure drop.
    • Inner and outer S/S mechanical supports with needle felt wicking sock suitable for high temperatures and resistant to synthetic oils.
    • Push on element with double o-ring for quick element replacement and air tight connection. Unique design allows for 4" bowl clearance.
    • Four grades of filtration to cover all requirements for clean compressed air in respect of ISO 8573.1.
    • Silicone free manufacturing.

    Four Filtration Grades
    Filter Grade Air Quality Application Example Identification Color
    5 Micron
    Grade P
    General purpose, coalescing and bulk contaminant removal; Point of use filtration down to 5 micron. Normally installed ahead of the refrigerated air dryer. Ideal as a pre-filter for additional higher-grade in-line filter used with vacuum pumps, pneumatic tools, molds and general plant air usage. Green
    1 Micron
    Grade S
    Prefiltration to refrigerated dryer; higher efficiency, coalescing, point of use. Capable of separating particles down to 1 micron, liquid and oil included. Maximum carryover 0.1 ppm. Can be used as an outlet, or inlet pre-filter for higher-grade 0.01-micron filter. Used to prevent deterioration of piping in compressed air systems, vacuum pump exhaust, compressed air motors, and as a post-filter for absorption dryers. Red
    0.01 Micron
    Grade X
    High efficiency coalescing oil removal after refrigerated dryer; upstream of desiccant dryers. Maximum carryover 0.01 ppm. Used for the protection of control systems, pneumatic conveyance, paint equipment and as a pre-filter for absorption dryer. Yellow
    Activated Carbon
    Grade Z
    Oil vapors/odor/taste removal downstream of 0.01-micron filter. Maximum carryover 0.003 ppm. Used in pharmaceutical industry, dental packages, photography shops and packaging systems. Black

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