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Refrigerated Air Dryers Offered by Davmar Air Compressors

BelAir Dryers
  • Dryers Davmar Air Compressors
    AHT Series - High Inlet Temperature Refrigerated Air Dryers 20-350 scfm - Clean, dry compressed air is as vitally important to a small manufacturing company as it is to the largest of production facilities. For these smaller - critical applications, BelAir has a dedicated line of high inlet air temperature (up to 210°F) refrigerated drying systems. These units eliminate the need for a separate aftercooler, moisture separator and particulate filter. Ideal for body shops, paint booths or wherever a high inlet air temperature dryer is required.

    Standard Features:
    • DMC 14 Digital Controller - Dryer operation and monitoring is controlled via an electronic controller. The DMC 14 is standard in all AHT 115-230V single-phase units. The digital display shows the operating dew point temperature in °F and provides operational controls for the condensate drain along with a remote alarm signal function. The DMC 14 includes a high dew point alarm with a remote contact relay.
    • Integrated Air Cooled Aftercooler.
    • 3 micron BelAir FT Series Filter - Filter prevents fouling from rust, scale or other solid particulates pollutants, resulting in prolonged life of the AHT heat exchanger module. Filter also separates and drains the water condensed by the AHT air cooled aftercooler.
    • ACT (Aluminum Cooling Technology) Module - Air to air, air to refrigerant, separator module with efficient heat transfer, reduced energy consumption and low pressure drop.
    • Constant Pressure Hot-Gas By-Pass Valve - An innovative design, new to the industry utilizes a thermostatic bulb to control suction pressure. This ensures dryer performance regardless of load conditions and eliminates freeze-up at low loads. Calibrated at the factory, the valve never needs adjustment in the field, resulting in simpler maintenance.
    • Illuminated ON/OFF Switch.
    • Drain Set and Push to Test Buttons.
    • Fan Pressure Switch on ALL Models - Dryercan operate in ambient as low as 35°F.
    • Dual Easy to Service Programmable Electronic Timer Drains - First for the aftercooler and second for the refrigerated dryer separator. All models are fitted with 2 timed drains installed on the FT filter and on the AHT condensate separator combined in the heat exchanger. Interval and duration times are adjustable from the DMC 14 controller. Unique maintenance friendly drains require no tools for servicing. Zero loss drains are available.
  • ACT Series - Energy Saving Refrigerated Air Dryers - Reducing energy consumption through technology. Our continuing effort to increase our product offering with new and improved technologies has resulted in The New ACT Series of Dryers. Built in conjunction with our strict design parameters, the ACT dryers feature a new aluminum cooling technology heat exchanger module. The ACT Heat Exchanger produces the lowest pressure drop ratings in the compressed air industry, resulting in energy dollar savings. Application of the "Constant Pressure By-Pass Valve" delivers a steady Dew Point over all load variations. The cabinetry is state of the art in design, providing a compact footprint with easy to remove panels. All units include an integrated timed condensate drain.

    ACT Module
    ACT Module Davmar Air Compressors








  • Drypoint® RA-Refrigerated air dryer featuring Bekomat® drains. Available in standard, high pressure, and high temperature modles.


  • Drypoint® M Plus-Thanks to the intergration of the compressed air filter and the membrane dryer in a single unit, Drypoint® M Plus offers exceptional reliability for every application. The Drypoint® M Plus flows up to 300 scfm. The Drypoint® M Plus, using the latest Twist 60 technology, is the most compact and effective dryer from Beko to date. 


















Dryers Davmar Air Compressors
Zeks Dryers
  • Industry-Leading Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers! - Refrigerated air dryers remove moisture and contaminants from compressed air by chilling the air to a temperature that causes the moisture in the air to condense and form droplets. These can be separated from the air stream and discharged from the dryer.

    This type of dryer uses a refrigeration system, heat exchanger, separator, and drain to perform the drying operation and provide compressed air that is useful for a broad range of applications.

    ZEKS manufactures both cycling and non-cycling refrigerated air dryers to provide solutions for all refrigerated dryer applications. We have models that provide refrigerated drying solutions for small compressed air systems with a few compressor horsepower all the way up to systems with several thousand compressor horsepower.
  • Regenerative Compressed Air Dryers - Regenerative air dryers use desiccant media to adsorb moisture and contaminants from compressed air. The desiccant media can be regenerated, or purged of the moisture it collects, and used again and again. Our regenerative dryers use this process to allow compressed air to be dried to very low dew points of either -40°F, -80°F, or -100°F. These low dew points are necessary for critical compressed air applications or for those in extremely cold ambient conditions where any moisture remaining in the air would freeze inside compressed air system piping and block flow.

    The twin-tower design of our dryers allows simultaneous compressed air drying and desiccant regeneration - without interruption to compressed air flow. We manufacture air dryers with heatless or heated regeneration to meet the broadest range of application and operator requirements.

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